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Lee, Yong Hoi (2023) Subcellular localization and functional characterization of paraneoplastic Ma Antigen 3 (PNMA3). Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Chan, Yan Qi (2023) Development of tetravalent synthetic peptide dengue vaccine using nanoparticle as vaccine delivery vehicle. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Choo, Suet Yee (2023) Neuroprotective effect of metallothionein against rotenone- and copper-induced toxicity in human dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Ho, Yi Ming (2022) The relationship between trust propensity, cynicism, OCB, CWB, trust in team and perception of ingroup and outgroup. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Chan, Aye Zay Hta (2022) Real-time interactive spatial augmented reality (RISAR) platform. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Chuah, Cindy * (2022) An integrated model to explain sustainable consumption behaviour. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Chukwudi, Festus Uwasomba (2022) Harvesting knowledge from groupware using natural language processing and ontology. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Goh, Clariss Hui Peng (2022) Evaluation of antibacterial properties of Phosphanegold (I) thiolate compounds. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Chit, Su Mon * (2022) 3D enabled olfactory, haptic and audio assisted virtual learning framework for visually impaired learners. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Mohamed Hassan Saad, Abdella (2022) Exploration of gallic acid derivatives towards multidrug-resistant pathogens: docking, synthesis and biological evaluation. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Humaira, Siddiqui (2022) Detection of carbonic anhydrase activity in thermophiles isolated from Malaysian hot spring for biomineralization of CO2. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Tan, Darren Tik Lun (2022) Modelling of default risk for home credit data using machine learning approach. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Krishnapriya, Thiyagarasaiyar (2022) Photoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties of four Malaysian brown algae in cosmeceuticals. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Anuja, Sandeep Chalke (2022) Wanderlust and trust: the role of narrative transportation in driving electronic word-of-mouth and visit intention for luxury hospitality brands. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Tay, Vangene (2022) Species diversity and distribution of the genus Halimeda J.V. Lamour (Chlorophyta) in Malaysian waters. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Yap, Hooi Yeen * (2022) Investigating the role of cancer-associated and normal fibroblasts in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) pathogenesis through modulation of Fibroblasts Growth Factor Receptor 4 (FGFR4). Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Sim, Brenda Ying Hui (2022) A comparison of organizational leadership styles and team social support on job insecurity, workplace bullying, and turnover intention. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Lim, Hui Sin (2022) Characterization of cellular responses of UV-irradiated keratinocytes to Lignosus Rhinocerus (TM02) extracts. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Bahaaeldin, Hassan Saad Abdella (2022) Identification of novel antimicrobial peptides using high-throughput transcriptome data of black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon (Fabricius, 1798). Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Leong, Ken Yien * (2022) Bank share valuation: exploring the validity of four models in practice. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Arcana, Thirumorthy (2022) Characterisation of Newcastle disease virus (NDV)-mediated oncolysis of putative bladder cancer stem cells. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Chin, Leticia Pax (2022) Perfectionism and academic buoyancy: examining predictors of academic stress and mental well-being. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Soon, Pei Shan * (2021) Consumers' desire to use augmented reality applications. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Chew, WanZhen Amanda (2021) Assessing the validity of the Quiet Ego Scale (QES). Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Low, Zhao Xuan (2021) Antiviral activity of flavonoids: Silymarin, Baicalein, and Baicalin against dengue virus. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Muhammad, Fahad Khan (2021) A joint clustering and routing scheme using DQN for vertical routing in 5G-based flying ad-hoc networks. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Shweta, Gangasa (2021) Antiamoebic potential of Malaysian seaweeds based natural products and their conjugated nanoparticles. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Teh, Keng Foo (2021) Functional characterization of key genetic markers involved in allergic rhinitis among Chinese population. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Leong, Aaron Yew Cheong (2021) The effect of types of strategy video game training on inhibition among non-habitual players. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Salima, Sadruddin Lalani (2021) Functional insights into the activity of Flavonoid Silymarin and the antiviral peptide L-SP40 against Enterovirus A71. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Ali, Asghar (2021) Exploring the antibacterial potentials of South-East Asian natural products against multidrug resistant bacteria. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Ngu, Ee Ling (2021) Spirulina platensis mitigates the neuroinflammatory effect of LPS-Induced BV2 Microglia. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Lau, Ruo Shin (2021) Exercise and work performance: physical health, workplace communication competency, and perceived team cohesion as mediators. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Khoo, Kim Leng * (2021) Internet of things and well-being: a transformative consumer research perspective. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Lim, Justin Renn Aun (2021) The influence of social capital theory and national culture on knowledge sharing intention of knowledge workers on social network site. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Wong, Sie Yeng (2021) Evaluation of small molecule inhibitors for their antiviral activity against EV-A71. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Abd Khalid, Faisal Zarif (2021) Characterization of Antiviral Peptide SP40 and its analogues against Enterovirus A71. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Ng, Wei Siang (2021) Nonlinear mixed-effect compartmental model in loss reserving. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Nur Farhana, Lyana binti Amerudddin (2021) Factors predicting well-being among emerging and middle-aged adults. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Hor, Rui Xin (2021) A comparative study of pricing models for contingent convertible bonds. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Syazana, Sari binti Mohamed Ridzwan * (2021) Phubbing: mobile phone use and social interactions. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Shanmuga, Pillai A/L Murutha Muthu (2021) Applying SAX-based time series analysis to classify EEG signal using a COTS EEG device. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Tan, Jaymi (2021) Analysis of genetic variants in myeloproliferative neoplasms using a 22-gene next generation sequencing panel. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Faizan, Rasheed (2021) Multi-agent deep Q-network for traffic signal control under rainfall: a case study on Sunway city, Malaysia. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Kavitha, Rajendran * (2020) Evaluating the anti-amoebic activity of putative chemotherapeutic targets and their metal nanoparticle conjugates against Naegleria Fowleri. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Nafisa, Bello Issa (2020) An investigation on the adoption of electronic commerce system for the operators of construction companies. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Homer, Stephen T. (2020) Perceived corporate citizenship: a scale development and validation study. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Ooi, Zhi Yao (2020) Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial evaluation of Bismuth(III) Xanthate. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Pak, Irina * (2020) Value expression of different text variations. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Gan, May Fen (2020) The effect of PDP to organizational processes and performance: a case study. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Soopramanien, Morhanavallee (2020) Gut microbes of animals living in polluted environments are potential source of novel anticancer agents. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Waheed, Mihsaan (2020) Destination prediction based on past movement history. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Abdulkader, Hicham Masri (2020) Antibacterial studies of silver and gold nanoparticles loaded with selected drugs. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Hah, Huai En (2020) The distribution and diversity of freshwater snails in Peninsular Malaysia. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Mohammad, Mungroo Ridwane (2020) Identification of In-Vitro effects of synthesized heterocycles against Balamuthia Mandrillaris and Naegleria Fowleri. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Ria, Heryani binti Mumfahir (2020) Empathy and theory of mind: age-related differences between young and older adults. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Ng, Wai Pak (2020) Composition and habitat associations of large and medium-sized mammals in a commercial forest and mixed-plantation landscape in Sabah. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Salwa, Mansur Ali (2020) Invertebrates are a source of anti-bacterial compounds. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Mandary, Madiha Bibi (2020) The impact of spontaneous mutations of Enterovirus 71 (EV-A71) on virulence. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Ng, Qi Ron (2020) The evaluation of anti-envelope antibodies in patient plasmas infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype CRF01_AE. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Lim, Wei Gene (2020) Evaluating the interaction and survivability of Chryseobacterium species within Acanthamoeba Castellanii and Human Macrophage. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Tee, Thye Lim (2020) Habitat relationships of sun bears (Helarctos Malayanus) and an evaluation of non-invasive methods for estimating sun bear population size at Tabin wildlife reserve, Sabah, Malaysia. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Suganiya, Rama Rao (2020) Morphological and genetic diversity of two invasive aquatic ampullarids in Peninsular Malaysia. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Shareni, Jeyamogan (2020) Identification and characterization of novel anticancer molecules from various animals. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Lau, Shi Yea (2020) Examining Malaysian graduates' school-to-work transition: a mediation model using career adaptability and maximization. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Wong, Kam Sun (2020) Influence of traits, specific motivation and practical intelligence on exporting entrepreneur's behaviour. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Toh, Cornelius Dong Tou (2020) Indoor positioning using semi supervised fingerprint building technique based on crowd sourced information. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Lai, Wai Ling (2020) Identification and characterization of nuclear and mitochondrial markers to assess genetic variation in Sun Bears (Helacrctos Malayanus). Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Goh, Tiong Keat (2020) Genome-wide comparative analysis of conserved genes and associated pathways in pathogenic Amoebae. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Sha, Hong Xi (2020) Association of methotrexate pathway gene polymorphisms with methotrexate efficacy and toxicity in Malaysian patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Leong, Yoke Kiau (2019) Understanding parental behaviour in the provision of healthy food for their children. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Thanigaivel R, Krishnan * (2019) The influence of human resource management (HRM) practices on service-oriented organizational citizenship behaviours (OCB): an explanatory sequential study. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Anita, Latsmi Manohar (2019) A security-enhanced cluster size adjustment scheme for cognitive radio networks. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Ang, Siew Ling * (2019) Stochastic reserving using individual claims data in non-life insurance. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Yang, Zhao (2019) Advancing the work family enrichment theory by including the self domain. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Liu, Evelyn Fang Ein (2019) Integrated theory based model to study employee engagement in influencing knowledge sharing behaviour. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Tan, Zhi Zhong (2019) Zero acceleration algorithm with state of motion identifier for position estimation of wheeled robot. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Shama Najir, Ahmed Mujawar (2019) Computational analyses of putative drug targets and vaccine candidates against clinically important multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Noor, Akbar (2019) Gut bacteria of animals/pests are potential source of antibacterial molecules(s). Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Lim, Teck Ting (2017) Corporate governance and nested entrepreneurial team performance: An entrepreneurial process governance system. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Syed, Aqeel Raza* (2016) Multi-hop communication in cognitive radio networks: An experimental evaluation. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Mansoor Ebrahim, (2016) Low-complexity single-view and multi-view visual compression for visual sensor networks using block-based compressive sensing. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Yee, Isabel Pin Tsin * (2015) Rational design of live attenuated vaccine by site-directed mutagenesis and deletion in the 5’- non coding region of the enterovirus 71(EV-A71) genome. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Lee, Angela Siew Hoong * (2015) Role of affect and task category-knowledge sharing tools fit on behavioural intention to use KS tools among knowledge workers. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Law, Yeong Hui (2013) A framework for indoor positioning system based on android platform. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Tiong, Leslie Ching Ow * (2013) Financial time series predicting using machine learning algorithms. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

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