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Ahmad, H. R. and Khan, Naveed Ahmed * (2017) Dialectics of imagination and experimentation: Basic science research in developing countries : [Correspondence]. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Online, 33 (1). p. 248. ISSN 1681-715X

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Faizan, Rasheed (2021) Multi-agent deep Q-network for traffic signal control under rainfall: a case study on Sunway city, Malaysia. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

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Sadrolhosseini, A. R. and Beygisangchin, M. and Shafie, S. and Rashid, S. A. and Nezakati, Hossein * (2021) Laser ablated titanium oxide nanoparticles in carbon quantum dots solution for detection of sugar using fluorescence spectroscopy. Materials Research Express, 8 (10). p. 105003. ISSN 2053-1591

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Soon, Pei Shan * (2021) Consumers' desire to use augmented reality applications. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.


Tan, Darren Tik Lun (2022) Modelling of default risk for home credit data using machine learning approach. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

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