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Ahmad Faez, Mohamed Ridhwan and Chen, Ew-Jun * and Haniff Shazwan, Safwan Selvam and Chew, Ming Tsuey * (2023) Analysis and establishment of adult diagnostic reference level for whole-body 18F-FDG PET/CT imaging: A single institutional study. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 210. ISSN 0969-806X

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Chan, Chee K. and Lam, Thian Y. and Langkeas, Mohanavel and Jeffrie, A. Ghani and Afieq, S.K. Anuar and Lee, Choon J. and Loo, Qing Y. and Heng, Wei Y. and Lai, Pauline S.M. * and Koh, Kwee C. and Loh, Huai H. and Najma, Kori and Helmi, Sulaiman (2024) Knowledge, attitude, and practice of white coat use among medical students during clinical practice (LAUNDERKAP): A cross-sectional study. American Journal of Infection Control, 52 (1). pp. 35-40. ISSN 1527-3296

Chew, Ming Tsuey * and Nisbet, Andrew * and Suzuki, Masao and Matsufuji, Naruhiro and Murakami, Takeshi and Jones, Bleddyn and Bradley, David A (2018) Potential lethal damage repair in glioblastoma cells irradiated with ion beams of various types and levels of linear energy transfer. Journal of Radiation Research. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0449-3060 (In Press)

Chia, Yook Chin * and Navin Kumar, D. and Ching, S. M. and Ooi, Pei Boon * and Chew, Ming Tsuey * and Chew, B. N. and Mohazmi, M. and Lim, H. M. and Beh, H. C. and Azli, S. O. and Hanis, S. H. and Abdul Hafiz, M. G. and Dalyana, H. and Kang, P. S. and Tay, C. L. and Wong, P. F. and Haslinda, H. (2021) Relationship of an adherence score with blood pressure control status among patients with hypertension and their determinants: Findings from a nationwide blood pressure screening program. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension. ISSN 0748-450X (In Press)

Chook, Jack Bee * and Ngeow, Yun Fong and Tee, Kok Keng and Peh, Suat Cheng * and Mohamed, Rosmawati (2017) Novel genetic variants of Hepatitis B Virus in fulminant hepatitis. Journal of Pathogens, 2017. pp. 1-6. ISSN 2090-3057

Dahlan, N. A. and Teow, Sin Yeang * and Lim, Y. Y. and Pushpamalar, Janarthanan (2021) Modulating carboxymethylcellulose-based hydrogels with superior mechanical and rheological properties for future biomedical applications. Express Polymer Letters, 15 (7). pp. 612-625. ISSN 1788-618X

Esmaeilzadeh, Pouyan and Sambasivan, Murali and Kumar, Naresh and Nezakati, Hossein * (2015) Adoption of clinical decision support systems in a developing country: Antecedents and outcomes of physician’s threat to perceived professional autonomy. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 84 (8). pp. 548-560. ISSN 1386-5056

Lee, Kar Xin and Shameli, Kamyar and Yew, Yen Pin and Teow, Sin Yeang * and Jahangirian, Hossein and Rafiee-Moghaddam, Roshanak and Webster, Thomas (2020) Recent developments in the facile bio-synthesis of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and their biomedical applications. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 15. pp. 275-300. ISSN 1178-2013

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Ng, Kim Tien and Oong, Xiang Yong and Lim, Sin How and Chook, Jack Bee * and Takebe, Yutaka and Chan, Yoke Fun and Chan, Kok Gan and Hanafi, Nik Sherina and Pang, Yong Kek and Adeeba Kamarulzaman, and Tee, Kok Keng (2018) Viral load and sequence analysis reveal the symptom severity, diversity, and transmission clusters of Rhinovirus infections. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 67 (2). pp. 261-268. ISSN 1058-4838

Omer, Hiba and Salah, H. and Tamam, N. and Mahgoub, Omer and Sulieman, A. and Ahmed, Rufida and Abuzaid, M. and Saad, Ibrahim E. and Almogren, Kholoud S. and Bradley, D.A. * (2023) Assessment of occupational exposure from PET and PET/CT scanning in Saudi Arabia. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 204. ISSN 0969-806X

Osman, Hamid and Alosaimi, Maathir and Alghamdi, Fai and Aljuaid, Atheer and Alqurashi, Manar and Aldajani, Shihanah and Faizo, Nahla L. and Alamri, Sultan and Althobaiti, Yazeed S. and Khandaker, Mayeen Uddin * and Suleiman, Abdelmoneim (2023) Evaluation of CT dose and establishment of local DRLs for abdomen and pelvis examinations in hospitals in Taif City, Saudi Arabia. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 202. ISSN 0969-806X

Pushpamalar, Janarthanan and Puviarasi, M. and Tan, Hui Li and Nuraina, A. D. and Ooi, L. T. and Bibi Noorheen, H. M. N. and Raahilah, Z. E. and Shameli, Kamyar and Teow, Sin Yeang * (2021) Development of a polysaccharide-based hydrogel drug delivery system (DDS): An update. Gels, 7 (4). p. 153. ISSN 2310-2861

Ramanathan, Babu * and Poh, Chit Laa * and Kirk, Kristin and McBride, William John Hannan and Aaskov, John and Grollo, Lara (2016) Synthetic B-Cell epitopes eliciting cross-neutralizing antibodies: Strategies for future dengue vaccine. PLOS ONE, 11 (5). e0155900. ISSN 1932-6203

Rehana, R. and Hiba, I. R. and Mussarat, A. and Naheeha, T. I. and Lalani, S.* and Faiza, A. (2020) Role of oxidative stress and altered thyroid hormones in unexplained infertility. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 70 (8). pp. 1345-1349. ISSN 0030-9982

Salim, Mohammed and Salim, Dhia and Davannendran, Chandran * and Aljibori, Hakim S and Kherbeet, A. S. (2018) Review of nano piezoelectric devices in biomedicine applications. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. ISSN 1045-389X

Sambasivan, Murali and Esmaeilzadeh, Pouyan and Kumar, Naresh and Nezakati, Hossein * (2012) Intention to adopt clinical decision support systems in a developing country: effect of Physician’s perceived professional autonomy, involvement and belief: a cross-sectional study. BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making, 12 (142). ISSN 1472-6947

Siddiqui, Ruqaiyyah Bano * and Abjani, Farhat and Yeo, Chien Ing * and Tiekink, Edward R. T. * and Khan, Naveed Ahmed * (2017) The effects of phosphanegold(I) thiolates on the biological properties of Acanthamoeba castellanii belonging to the T4 genotype. Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine. ISSN 1477 5751 (In Press)

Siti Nur Amalina, M. S. and Shameli, Kamyar and Teow, Sin Yeang * and Nur Afini, I. (2021) Mini Review: Biologically synthesized nanoparticles as antifungal agents. Journal of Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 1 (1). pp. 22-29. ISSN 27736180

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Teow, Sin Yeang * and Liew, Kitson and Che Mat, M. and Marini, M. and Norazlin, A. A. and Chu, Tai Lin and Munirah, A. and Khoo, Alan Soo Beng (2019) Development of a luciferase/luciferin cell proliferation (XenoLuc) assay for real-time measurements of Gfp-Luc2-modified cells in a co-culture system. BMC Biotechnology, 19 (34). ISSN 1472-6750

Teow, Sin Yeang * and Liew, Kitson and Syed A. Ali, and Khoo, Alan Soo Beng and Peh, Suat Cheng * (2016) Antibacterial action of curcumin against Staphylococcus aureus: A brief review. Journal of Tropical Medicine, 2016. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1687-9686

Teow, Sin Yeang * and Wong, Magdelyn Mei Theing * and Yap, Hooi Yeen * and Peh, Suat Cheng * and Shameli, Kamyar (2018) Bactericidal properties of plants-derived metal and metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs). Molecules, 23. p. 1366. ISSN 1420 3049

Ting, Chuo Yew and Nur Hidayati, Abdul Halim and Ling, Jia Nee and Tiong, Ing Khieng and Nor Izzah, H J Ahmad Shauki and Lee, Yew Fong * and Nor Anizah, Osman and Chai, Gin Wei and Ung, Shin Han and Ang, Melinda (2024) The use of a multi-disciplinary geriatric telemedicine service (TELEG) and its acceptance at a tertiary care centre in Malaysia. BMC Geriatrics, 24 (133). ISSN 1471-2318

Yee, Isabel Pin Tsin * and Tan, Kuan Onn * and Othman, Lekhsan and Poh, Chit Laa * (2016) Identification of molecular determinants of cell culture growth characteristics of Enterovirus 71. Virology Journal, 13 (194). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1743-422X

Yusefi, Mostafa and Shameli, Kamyar and Ong, Su Yee and Teow, Sin Yeang * and Hedayatnasab, Z and Jahangirian, Hossein and Webster, Thomas and Kuča, K. (2021) Green synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles stabilized by a Garcinia mangostana fruit peel extract for hyperthermia and anticancer activities. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 16. pp. 2515-2532. ISSN 1178-2013

Book Section

Pang, Siew Wai * and Soon, M. L. K. and Shameli, Kamyar and Pushpamalar, Janarthanan and Teow, Sin Yeang * (2021) Delivery of drug payloads to organs and organ-systems. In: Nanotechnology in Medicine. Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences . Springer, Cham, p. 199. ISBN 978-3-030-61020-3

Conference or Workshop Item

Andrews, Elizabeth * and Ong, Derek Lai Teik * and Summers, Jane and Woodside, Frances (2017) Factors influencing dietary compliance amongst Australian diabetics. In: Proceedings of the 2017 Australian and New Zealand Marketing Conference (ANZMAC), 4-6 December 2017, RMIT, Australia.

Esmaeilzadeh, Pouyan and Sambasivan, Murali and Kumar, Naresh and Nezakati, Hossein * (2011) Acceptance of clinical IT in a hospital from a knowledge sharing perspective. In: International Conference on Industrial Technology Economics (ICITE 2011), 17-19 June 2011, Mines Wellness Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Esmaeilzadeh, Pouyan and Sambasivan, Murali and Kumar, Naresh and Nezakati, Hossein * (2013) A study of identify motives of clinical IT adoption among physicians in Malaysia. In: Allied Academies International Conference, 27-30 March 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Chia, Yook Chin * and Ooi, Pei Boon * and Hwang, Jung Shan * and Teow, Sin Yeang * and Badariah, S. and Peh, Suat Cheng *, eds. (2021) Diabetes: Disarming the silent killer. Sunway University Press, Sunway. ISBN 9789675492433


Abdulkader, Hicham Masri (2020) Antibacterial studies of silver and gold nanoparticles loaded with selected drugs. Doctoral thesis, Sunway University.

Lim, Wei Gene (2020) Evaluating the interaction and survivability of Chryseobacterium species within Acanthamoeba Castellanii and Human Macrophage. Masters thesis, Sunway University.

Yee, Isabel Pin Tsin * (2015) Rational design of live attenuated vaccine by site-directed mutagenesis and deletion in the 5’- non coding region of the enterovirus 71(EV-A71) genome. Masters thesis, Sunway University.


Ganesh, Sritheran Paneerselvam and Long, Chiau Ming * (2023) The power of digital medicine: A new era in healthcare. InfoMed "Malaysia" Sdn Bhd, InfoMed.

Norsalawati, Ismail * and Noor Hasliza, Che Seman * (2023) Preparing palliative carers for the future. Star Media Group Berhad, The Star.

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