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Ayaz, Anwar * and Khan, Naveed Ahmed and Alharbi, Ahmad M and Alhazmi, Ayman and Siddiqui, Ruqaiyyah (2024) Applications of photodynamic therapy in keratitis. International Ophthalmology, 44 (140). ISSN 1573-2630


Brianna *, and Ayaz, Anwar * and Teow, Sin-Yeang and Wu, Yuan Seng * (2024) Nanogel-based drug delivery system as a treatment modality for diverse diseases: Are we there yet? Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 91. ISSN 2588-8943


Chin, Wei-Shan and Chang, Chia-Huang and Say, Yee How* and Chuang, Yung-Ning and Wang, Jui-Ning and Kao, Ho-Ching and Liao, Kai-Wei (2024) The occurrence and probabilistic risk of exposure to parabens from bottled and hand-shaken teas in the general adult population of Taiwan. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 31. pp. 4518-4527. ISSN 0944-1344


Fathimah, Afaaf Simau and Usman, Ahmed * and Khan, Khalid Mohammed and Khan, Naveed Ahmed and Siddiqui, Ruqaiyyah and Alharbi, Ahmad M and Alfahemi, Hasan and Ayaz, Anwar * (2024) Lactase can target cellular differentiation of Acanthamoeba castellanii belonging to the T4 genotype. Parasitology Research, 123. ISSN 0023-6438


Kanwal, Khalid * and Lim, Hui Xuan * and Ayaz, Anwar * and Tan, Soon Hao and Hwang, Jung Shan * and Ong, Seng Kai * and Poh, Chit Laa * (2024) Preclinical Development of a Novel Epitope-based DNA Vaccine Candidate against SARS-CoV-2 and Evaluation of Immunogenicity in BALB/c Mice. AAPS PharmSciTech, 25 (3). ISSN 1530-9932

Kavita, Reginald * and Nadeem, Kashaf * and Yap, Ervin Zheng Yang * and Amir Hamzah, Abdul Latiff * (2024) Diving deep into fish allergen immunotherapy: Current knowledge and future directions. Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology, 42 (1). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2228-8694


Lim, Jun Jie and Lim, Eliza Yi Ying and Ng, Jun Yan and Malipeddi, Praneeth and Ng, Yu Ting and Teo, Wei Yi and Wong, Ambrose Qi Yi and Matta, Sri Anusha and Sio, Yang Yie and Wong, Yi Ru * and Teh, Keng Foo * and Smyrna Moti, Rawanan Shah * and Kavita, Reginald * and Say, Yee How* and Liu, Mei Hui and Chew, Fook Tim (2024) Burgers, Fast Foods, and Increased Associated Risk for Atopic Dermatitis: A Cross-Sectional Study of Dietary Habits among Young Chinese Adults in Singapore/Malaysia. Dermatology, 240 (1). pp. 77-84. ISSN 1421-9832


Pang, Siew Wai * and Subasri, Armon and Chook, Jack Bee * and Chew, Jactty * and Peh, Kaik-Boo and Lim, Wendy Wan Dee and Peh, Suat Cheng * and Teow, Sin Yeang (2024) Association of Fusobacterium nucleatum infection with the clinicopathological characteristics in colorectal cancer patients. Molecular Biology Reports, 51 (1). ISSN 0301-4851


Rao, Komal and Abdullah, Muhammad and Usman, Ahmed * and Hashi, Isse Wehelie * and Shah, Muhammad Raza and Siddiqui, Ruqiayyah and Khan, Naveed A and Alawfi, Bader S and Ayaz, Anwar * (2024) Self-assembled micelles loaded with itraconazole as anti-Acanthamoeba nano-formulation. Archives of Microbiology, 206 (134). ISSN 1432-072X


Sio, Yang Yie and Nanong, Gallego Allaine Victoria and Lim, Jie Ann and Matta, Sri Anusha and Say, Yee How* and Teh, Keng Foo * and Wong, Yi Ru * and Smyrna Moti, Rawanan Shah * and Kavita, Reginald * and Chew, Fook Tim (2024) Sensitization to oil palm pollen associates with risks and severity of allergic diseases. World Allergy Organization Journal, 17 (1). ISSN 1939-4551


Teo, Wei Yi and Lim, Eliza Yi Ying and Sio, Yang Yie and Say, Yee How* and Kavita, Reginald * and Chew, Fook Tim (2024) Atopic dermatitis-associated genetic variants regulate LOC100294145 expression implicating interleukin-27 production and type 1 interferon signaling. World Allergy Organization Journal, 17 (2). ISSN 1939-4551

Tufail, Saba and Sherwani, Mohammad Asif and Shamin, Zahid and Abdullah, and Goh, Khang Wen and Alomary, Mohammad N. and Ansari, Mohammad Azam and Almosa, Abdulaziz Abdullah and Long, Chiau Ming * and Amar, Daud Iskandar Abdullah * and Khan, Farheen Badrealam and Al Menhali, Asma and Mirza, Sameer and Ayoub, Mohammed Akli (2024) 2D nanostructures: Potential in diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, 170. ISSN 0753-3322

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