Development of novel antiviral peptides against dengue serotypes 1-4

Lee, Michelle Felicia and Anasir, Mohd Ishtiaq and Poh, Chit Laa * (2023) Development of novel antiviral peptides against dengue serotypes 1-4. Virology, 580. pp. 10-27. ISSN 0042 6822

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Dengue infections pose a critical threat to public health worldwide. Since there are no clinically approved antiviral drugs to treat dengue infections caused by the four dengue virus (DENV) serotypes, there is an urgent need to develop effective antivirals. Peptides are promising antiviral candidates due to their specificity and nontoxic properties. The DENV envelope (E) protein was selected for the design of antiviral peptides due to its importance in receptor binding and viral fusion to the host cell membrane. Twelve novel peptides were designed to mimic regions containing critical amino acid residues of the DENV E protein required for interaction with the host. A total of four peptides were identified to exhibit potent inhibitory effects against at least three or all four DENV serotypes. Peptide 3 demonstrated all three modes of action: cell protection and inhibition of postinfection against all four DENV serotypes, whereas direct virus-inactivating effects were only observed against DENV-2, 3, and 4. Peptide 4 showed good direct virus-inactivating effects against DENV-2 (74.26%) as well as good inhibitions of DENV-1 (80.37%) and DENV-4 (72.22%) during the post-infection stage. Peptide 5 exhibited direct virus-inactivating effects against all four DENV serotypes, albeit at lower inhibition levels against DENV-1 and DENV-3. It also exhibited highly significant inhibition of DENV-4 (89.31%) during post-infection. Truncated peptide 5F which was derived from peptide 5 showed more significant inhibition of DENV-4 (91.58%) during post-infection and good direct virus-inactivating effects against DENV-2 (77.55%) at a lower concentration of 100 μM. Peptide 3 could be considered as the best antiviral candidate for pre- and post-infection treatments of DENV infections in regions with four circulating dengue serotypes. However, if the most predominant dengue serotype for a particular region could be identified, peptides with significantly high antiviral activities against that particular dengue serotype could serve as more suitable antiviral candidates. Thus, peptide 5F serves as a more suitable antiviral candidate for post-infection treatment against DENV-4.

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